Why Giving Money Doesn’t Truly Help The Homeless

I once listened to an audiobook called 101 positive thoughts, by Loiuse Hay. She said that if you divided the money equally across the world, after a few months, the rich people will be rich and the poor people will be poor again. Now initially I thought no, can’t be right. Then I decided to open my mind to the fact, that she could indeed be right. After awhile, I decided I agreed.

The Homeless Demographic

I don’t in anyway want to make homelessness seem like an issue that is as simple as filling out a job application. It’s a complex issue, especially considering the fact that 40% of  homeless men are veterans. A lot of people who are homeless are chronically homeless which is defined as, “an unaccompanied homeless individual with a disabling condition (e.g., substance abuse, serious mental illness, developmental disability, or chronic physical illness) who has been continuously homeless for a year or more”.In these particular instances, homelessness is a much more complex issue, than a lack of finances and just giving money won’t be enough to fix these issues. Giving money is a kind, warranted and necessary. At the same time it only a temporary fix to a much more serious problem.

Poverty Is A State Of Mind

Giving money to homeless people can help to a degree but poverty is a state of mind. In other words poverty occurs in the mind before it ever manifests in our finances.  If someone really wants to help the homeless, paying for them to go to a seminar to help them to think the way rich people do, could be of good help. Take the popular, classic timeless “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” for example.  The author Robert was about to figure out that the rich dad and the poor dad had different mentalities.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

A person with a poverty mindset can’t maintain money. This is why 75% of athletes lose their money a few years after retiring. This is also why rappers, lottery winners and other people who attain money fast, lose it fast. They don’t have the mindset to keep it.

This is why I believe it’s important for people who have made it to, educate others about the mentality it takes to keep money. You can’t be a baller, when you are first starting out and be rich. You have to save, invest and work hard.

I do believe in giving money to the homeless to help them. I do believe in giving to the less fortunate. I just also acknowledge that it won’t fix the problem. Even if everyone gave money to the homeless I don’t believe it would end poverty. It is the right thing to do but a person can only maintain the money they receive, if they have the mindset to do so. If a person doesn’t have the mindset to accumulate and maintain wealth they won’t.

I Blame The Rich People

At one point, I blamed the rich people. It’s their fault. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Of course, rich dad poor dad warns us about this mentality. But we can’t blame rich people. People who are in poverty have to blame their own mindset. We should still help people who are in poverty but they need mentoring more than money. Money will only truly help a person when they lose the poverty mentality, that put them in poverty. This doesn’t mean that I am completely negating the fact that the economy is falling apart, people are getting laid off, having a hard time finding a job and other REAL, CIRCUMSTANCES that lead to poverty and homelessness. I understand that circumstances can present themselves that we didn’t expect and that can knock us off our feet. Ask Donald Trump who was mentally rich but still lost all his money at one point. Hard times can hit, but if you have a rich mindset, you will eventually, land on your feet. Though Donald Trump lost all his money, he still landed on his feet and became richer than ever because he had the right mindset. If he had a poor mindset, when he lost his money, he would have never overcame it. Their would be no “The Apprentice.”

Nothing Can Stop People With A Strong Mindset, Whether African American or College Dropout

No matter what your obstacles are, there is no true excuse to stay broke. I acknowledge that being African American or uneducated or little work history, the bad economy and the general structure of society can be obstacles to being rich. But there is nothing that can truly hold you back but a weak mind. If you truly believe, since your African American you won’t get a job, then their you go. If you truly believe that since you don’t have a degree you won’t be successful, suit yourself. But there are people who are African American with no degree who are successful. I’m not even counting entertainment and sports. Anything is possible and obstacles are only challenges meant to build character.

You can acknowledge your obstacles but don’t allow them to define you. Anything is possible.


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Meditation Techniques: How To Meditate For Beginners

beginnners meditation

serene meditation technique

Meditation is a technique that has been used for thousands of years to bring upon many benefits including, relaxation, health benefits such as lowering cortisol levels (stress hormone), finding the God and peace within yourself. Meditation is about more than just quieting the mind (which takes years of practice for most people to achieve anyway), it’s about being aware. Meditation is a safe haven. It is a blessing from God because it shows us at any given moment, no matter how much stress and chaos is going on, there’s a quiet still place you can go in, within yourself. Some people call this place the true Self, some call it the spirit and others call it God.

How To Meditate

There are plenty of meditation techniques that can be used. These are 4 of the meditation techniques that I have received the most benefits from.

1. Focusing On Your Breath

Focusing on your breathing is one way to meditation technique. You try to relax and let go. Accept the fact that thoughts are going to come to your mind, unless you are at one of the higher levels of meditation. But be aware of those thoughts. For example this thought may come past your mind,”Gosh what am I going to cook for dinner.” Now it’s okay to be aware of that thought but don’t entertain it. Let the thoughts pass by. Focus on your breath and slowly breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2. Mantra Meditation

Another meditation technique is the mantra meditation. A mantra is a phrase you repeat in your mind and focus on. In the eastern religions they have mantras that are repeated in a different language and is said to be superior to doing an English mantra. For me personally, I have gotten equal results with both. You can create any mantra. One of my mantras is “relax and let go.” Another is “I honor the divinity within me.” In this meditation you also relax and then you focus on saying your mantra. You slowly repeat your mantra, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

3. Walking Meditation

I  particularly like this meditation technique. It allows me to meditate on the go. I have a 20 minute walk to school and I practice this meditation either one of two ways. One way is to be present of all the things around me. I live in a pretty decent neighborhood and I have neighbors who plant nice gardens out front. But for all long time I missed all the beautiful flowers. So when I walk I try to be conscious and aware of all that is around me. Which is something you need to do when outside anyway. I make it a goal not to miss the flowers, which is also symbolic of all the beauty I miss everyday in life, when I walk around unconscious.

4. Awareness Meditation

Awareness meditation can be done many ways. For me I just allow myself to be aware of as much as I can. True consciousness is aware of a broad amount of things at once. So I start of focusing on my breath, than expand it to my heart beat, my pulse and keep expanding to other parts of my body. I try to be aware of all these things at once. Then I expand it to the things around me. I try to be conscious of as much as I can at once. It is a good practice since society teaches us to focus on one thing, which can be useful at times. But true consciousness is broad. Awareness is just aware. It is endless.

meditation for beginners

meditation awareness

These are the different meditation techniques that can be used. Have fun practicing.

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Five Steps To Attracting Anything : Money, Relationships and Friends

relationships (more…)

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The Fear Of People Seeing Our Imperfections


I have suffered from the fear of having and showing my imperfections since I can remember. I spent my childhood years trying to look good enough and act in a way that would make people like me. Unfortunately, this behavior has continued into adulthood. Between acne, blemishes and being really skinny, my self esteem has been affected. I am also going on 26 but can still pass for 12. But I am learning to accept my imperfections instead of fighting them. Fighting against imperfections are just wasted moments we could have spent, living, laughing, playing, talking to friends and just truly being in the moment and enjoying life. The battle against allowing our imperfections to be seen, is a battle that has mentally enslaves us for most of our lives.


I realized I had things that people perceived as flaws and how deathly afraid I was of them being pointed out. But so what. Someone points out the obvious and after that’s out the way, everyone can move on. Its obvious I don’t look 25. Though I despise people pointing out the obvious, let them. That way everyone can move on. Its okay they think I’m bony or look 12. If your confident and just be yourself, they’ll get over it. If they don’t get over it, its a reflection of there own insecurity. Let them think. We all have thoughts. It seems silly to worry that someone may think a thought. Well that fine. People will think a thought or say it out loud, then its over. No one cares n everyone moves on. It won’t stop real people from liking you and even so, that would be fine. I don’t need everyone to like me or to be popular. If I’m not popular by now (which unfortunately I’m not) then likely I never will be.


But there will always be people who like me. Even if its only a small amount of people. Some people may like you and you might not even know it. Just like I like and admire people and they don’t know it.


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Law Of Attraction: Aligning Your thoughts (Positive Thinking)

One part of manifesting is aligning our thoughts.  This is an important part of positive thinking and the law of attraction. Aligning our thoughts isn’t just about vision boards and visualizations (which helps), it’s also about aligning what you consciously desire, with your subconscious desires. Sometimes the things we say we subconsciously want and the things we consciously seek are not the same.

We may consciously ask for friends but subconsciously have a fear of having friends. I use to believe having friends was a bad thing subconsciously. I saw images of being back stabbed and rejected, so I felt it was safer to just not have any friends. This caused me to subconsciously send out body signals that kept people away. I seemed guarded and unapproachable. With positive thinking and the law of attraction, I am now changing this. I know having friends is a positive thing. It is safe to have friends. I affirm this daily.

When we hold negative subconscious views of the things we desire, we keep ourselves from manifesting them. When we have a subconscious fear of the things we desire whether money, love or friends we subconsciously sabotage the very thing we are asking for. To align our thoughts we must first become conscious of the thoughts we are thinking. Meditation and time to go into introspect helps with this. Sometimes we are so busy, we live unconsciously and are unaware of our unconscious thoughts. When we become aware of our unconscious thoughts, we have a higher control of the things we manifest. This is the law of attraction and positive thinking at it’s best.

Visualizations and affirmations help us to align our thoughts. If we have a subconscious objective to the things we consciously seek, we can use affirmations and visuals to change this. Manifesting is a very conscious thing and being conscious of our true thoughts is the best way to align ourselves with what we seek.

When we align our thoughts, we must also put the focus on what we want, as opposed to what we don’t want. If people hate you and you want them to like you, focus on being liked. Daily visualize being like, having lots of friends walking with you, laughing with people and affirm it. If you focus on what you don’t want, such as people hating you, that’s just what you’ll get. It will make you feel insecure and paranoid. You will subconsciously send out messaging that will make you a victim. You will continue to attract what you fear.

So align you subconscious mind, your focus, and actions with want you;  and with persistence you can manifest anything. Positive thinking and the law of attraction have been around forever. Timeless wisdom never goes away. Positive thinking and the law of attraction can get you anything. But you must put in the physical work and align your thoughts.

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