Law Of Attraction: Aligning Your thoughts (Positive Thinking)

One part of manifesting is aligning our thoughts.  This is an important part of positive thinking and the law of attraction. Aligning our thoughts isn’t just about vision boards and visualizations (which helps), it’s also about aligning what you consciously desire, with your subconscious desires. Sometimes the things we say we subconsciously want and the things we consciously seek are not the same.

We may consciously ask for friends but subconsciously have a fear of having friends. I use to believe having friends was a bad thing subconsciously. I saw images of being back stabbed and rejected, so I felt it was safer to just not have any friends. This caused me to subconsciously send out body signals that kept people away. I seemed guarded and unapproachable. With positive thinking and the law of attraction, I am now changing this. I know having friends is a positive thing. It is safe to have friends. I affirm this daily.

When we hold negative subconscious views of the things we desire, we keep ourselves from manifesting them. When we have a subconscious fear of the things we desire whether money, love or friends we subconsciously sabotage the very thing we are asking for. To align our thoughts we must first become conscious of the thoughts we are thinking. Meditation and time to go into introspect helps with this. Sometimes we are so busy, we live unconsciously and are unaware of our unconscious thoughts. When we become aware of our unconscious thoughts, we have a higher control of the things we manifest. This is the law of attraction and positive thinking at it’s best.

Visualizations and affirmations help us to align our thoughts. If we have a subconscious objective to the things we consciously seek, we can use affirmations and visuals to change this. Manifesting is a very conscious thing and being conscious of our true thoughts is the best way to align ourselves with what we seek.

When we align our thoughts, we must also put the focus on what we want, as opposed to what we don’t want. If people hate you and you want them to like you, focus on being liked. Daily visualize being like, having lots of friends walking with you, laughing with people and affirm it. If you focus on what you don’t want, such as people hating you, that’s just what you’ll get. It will make you feel insecure and paranoid. You will subconsciously send out messaging that will make you a victim. You will continue to attract what you fear.

So align you subconscious mind, your focus, and actions with want you;  and with persistence you can manifest anything. Positive thinking and the law of attraction have been around forever. Timeless wisdom never goes away. Positive thinking and the law of attraction can get you anything. But you must put in the physical work and align your thoughts.


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