The Fear Of People Seeing Our Imperfections


I have suffered from the fear of having and showing my imperfections since I can remember. I spent my childhood years trying to look good enough and act in a way that would make people like me. Unfortunately, this behavior has continued into adulthood. Between acne, blemishes and being really skinny, my self esteem has been affected. I am also going on 26 but can still pass for 12. But I am learning to accept my imperfections instead of fighting them. Fighting against imperfections are just wasted moments we could have spent, living, laughing, playing, talking to friends and just truly being in the moment and enjoying life. The battle against allowing our imperfections to be seen, is a battle that has mentally enslaves us for most of our lives.


I realized I had things that people perceived as flaws and how deathly afraid I was of them being pointed out. But so what. Someone points out the obvious and after that’s out the way, everyone can move on. Its obvious I don’t look 25. Though I despise people pointing out the obvious, let them. That way everyone can move on. Its okay they think I’m bony or look 12. If your confident and just be yourself, they’ll get over it. If they don’t get over it, its a reflection of there own insecurity. Let them think. We all have thoughts. It seems silly to worry that someone may think a thought. Well that fine. People will think a thought or say it out loud, then its over. No one cares n everyone moves on. It won’t stop real people from liking you and even so, that would be fine. I don’t need everyone to like me or to be popular. If I’m not popular by now (which unfortunately I’m not) then likely I never will be.


But there will always be people who like me. Even if its only a small amount of people. Some people may like you and you might not even know it. Just like I like and admire people and they don’t know it.



September 8, 2013. Tags: , , . Positive Thinking and The Law Of Attraction.

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