Five Steps To Attracting Anything : Money, Relationships and Friends

relationshipsWe all have things in our lives that we want to manifest. We all want a happy relationship, friends and money but sometimes we don’t know how to get it. Sometimes we subconsciously sabotage these things. So in order to prevent sabotaging the very thing we ask for here are 5 steps to receive whatever you want in life.

1. ASK


The first step is to ASK. This is pretty much the common sense part. We have to consciously ask for whatever we want. We do this almost everyday.

2. Aligning Your Thoughts

The second step is a step that isn’t talked about as much. It is also the step that prevents people the most from manifesting with the law of attraction. The second step is ALIGNING YOUR THOUGHTS. Everyone has a different view of what aligning your thoughts means. But in this instance I am talking about aligning your conscious and subconscious mind.

oprah winfrey

If we looked a lot deeper we would find that a lot of people’s subconscious desires contradict what they consciously ask for. This is seen in the person who asks for a good man but may be subconsciously attracted to the bad ones. It is also seen in people who ask for money while having a subconscious aversion to wealth.  This is way more common then we think. They say things like, “money is the root of all evil” or other thoughts that label the very thing that are asking for as bad. Having a conscious desire for something while having a subconscious aversion for the very thing you want, usually leads to not manifesting what you desire or sabotaging the very thing you manifest. Even when you gain it, you need a certain level of consciousness to maintain it.

3. Know You Deserve It

If you have already completed the first two steps then the third step would be to KNOW YOU DESERVE IT. These all seem like common sense but you’d be surprised how common it is to not feel deserving of basic things (love, money and friends etc). We have to be in touch with our subconscious mind to manifest. Most people believe that they already feel deserving of love and money. But a lot of people don’t feel it subconsciously. Just because you know something intellectually doesn’t mean you believe it. Believing you deserve it on every level is necessary. This is also connected to self esteem and self worth.

4. Focus On Your Goals

Next you need to focus on it. You can do this through creating vision boards, saying affirmations, general positive thinking and through hard work. If it’s something like money we need to align ourselves with it. This means focusing on it by actively working. You really have to put your all into it with love and cast out any fears. This is how you stay focused. If you’ve been focusing on the lack of what you have, you only keep receiving the same.

If you’ve been in a bad relationship and keep focusing on how bad all the past guys have treated you, you are not aligning yourself with an abundance of love in your future. You are presently reliving the past. This will keep the past on repeat. If you want love focus on love, not on your past fears and pain manifesting again. Heal the pain of the past, release it and focus on what you want. The same can be said about attracting money. Focus on wealth, not your lack of money. You attract what you focus on. A man or woman is their thoughts.

5. Opening Yourself Up To Receiving It

Lastly is OPENING YOURSELF UP TO RECEIVING IT. Whatever you are asking for allow it to come in. By removing any aversions you have to the things you want, this should come easily. Let the things you want flow into your heart. You deserve it.

Manifesting and attracting money friends and love can be easy. Sometimes we are the only ones in our way of attracting money, love and friends. What we want we must believe in and focus on. This is the foundation of the law of attraction. Now go out and attract everything that you want.


September 8, 2013. Tags: , . Positive Thinking and The Law Of Attraction.

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